There are several ways to become a U.S. citizen when you have been born outside the U.S. Some people are U.S. citizens automatically because their parents were U.S. citizens before they were born. Some others do not have US citizen parents but have been legal permanent residents for several years and are eligible for Naturalization. Some others become U.S. citizens when their parents become U.S. Citizens. No matter what is the process you need to undertake to become a U.S. citizen, at GWP Immigration Law, we can help you through all the process until you reach the goal of becoming a U.S. Citizen.

We know that the application for a US citizenship can seem harsh, but we are here to help you!


Naturalization is the process by which a legal immigrant from the United States obtains United States citizenship. It is granted to a foreign or national citizen after he or she meets the requirements established by Congress in the immigration and nationality law.

What are the requirements?
  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time of submitting your application.
  • Be a legal permanent resident.
  • Demonstrate continued residence in the United States for the past 5 years (in some cases, it may be only 3 years if you are married to a citizen of the United States and have lived with the citizen for 3 years.
  • 3 or 5 years of Good Moral Character
  • Show that you have been physically present in the United States for 30 months (in some cases, this may be 18 months if you are married to a US citizen).
  • Show that you have lived for at least 3 months in the state or USCIS district where you will apply for residency.
  • Demonstrate that you are not deportable (related to crimes, previous deportations, etc.).
  • Show that you can pass the civics and history test in English. In some cases, a person may take the test in their native language (Spanish) if they are over 50 years of age (20 years as a resident or 55 years of age and 15 as a legal resident).
  • Demonstrate that you speak, read and write English in a basic way.
How is the process?
  1. Determine if you are already an American citizen. (Many times a person may have acquired citizenship automatically through their parents and is unaware)
  2. Determine if you are eligible to become a citizen of the United States.
  3. Determine if you have any impediment to obtain citizenship.
  4. Submit your application for naturalization with the department of immigration.
  5. You must appear at a biometric appointment.
  6. You must appear for an interview with an immigration officer. During this appointment:
    • You will be interviewed about your application.
    • You will be tested on your knowledge of English, civics and American history.
    • You will be tested on your basic English skills. You must be able to read and write in English. Please note some persons are exempted from the English exam due to medical reasons and some others can take the test in their native language if they have the age and residency time requirements.
  7. You will receive the final decision from the immigration officer.
  8. You will receive a notification to take the oath that will make you a citizen.
  9. You will have a swearing ceremony in which you will become a US citizen.
  10. With this oath you will become a citizen and stop being an immigrant.
How can we help?
If you would like to become a citizen, we will help you determine whether you apply for citizenship through naturalization and help you through all the steps of the process, from the application to the final interview. Make an appointment today and start your path to a full american life.

Transmission of citizenship

Transmission of citizenship is the process by which a person acquires citizenship because one or both their parents are U.S. citizens or automatically becomes a citizen through the naturalization of their parents. The father or mother can be a citizen by birth or naturalization.

How is it obtained?

You will have to submit a N-600 application with all the necessary evidence to prove that you are a US citizen through your parents. Please note this citizenship is automatic and does not require that you pass any tests. After you file your application, the department of immigration will review it and make a decision. If the government approves your application, you will be required to attend an interview to receive your certificate of citizenship.


The requirements vary according to the year in which the applicant was born and the citizenship of one or both of your parents. Due to the fact specific nature of each case, please make an appointment with one of our attorneys to review your case.

Eligible? Find out today.

How can we help you?

If you are eligible, our office will help you carry out the process from start to finish. Before coming to our offices please prepare the following information:

  • Evidence of citizenship of your parents.
  • Evidence of your relationship with your parents.
  • Proof of legal custody of your parents when you were a minor.
  • If the applicant is a legal resident, please provide proof of legal residency.

We are here to help you, start your path to full citizenship today.

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