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What is FOIA Center?

How to obtain it

If you want to obtain your criminal record or your immigration record, call our FOIA CENTER and we will gladly help you obtain the information that the government has about you.

All immigrants must have a record to be able to do our procedures correctly.

Frequent questions:

It is the procedure we perform to request copies of any document that we have sent or received from the immigration department. For example: I applied for a work permit in 2004 and I was approved, 2005 I applied again, and I was denied. I have lost the documents and I want to see them again.
They can be requested to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).
Through various forms and online. We will help you to fill out your application correctly and send it to the right place.

You can ask by phone, please call our offices at 702 737 7717 ext 309 Text Msg/direct (702) 827-5689 and we will gladly assist you.

The processing time of your FOIA request depends on the government. The estimated time is from 1-4 months but may take longer.

In the United States, there is a mechanism that asks government offices for public information that may be related to us or that affects us.

Immigrants leave a record with the government every time they have any contact with a government authority. For example, if you tried to cross the border undocumented and were stopped by the border patrol, then you have a record with CBP, that is, the border patrol. If you applied for political asylum, or for any other benefit years ago and were denied or approved for the benefit, there is a record with USCIS that is the immigration office. If you were arrested in a raid and removed from the United States, there is a record of you with ICE, that is the deportation office. To be able to take any immigration procedure, it is very important to know your record with the immigration department before continuing any process.

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