Residency: Consular processing

Is the process by which we ask the government to grant us residence through an immigrant visa. This process is called “consular” because the process is carried out in the consulate of the country of origin of the immigrant applicant.

How is it obtained?
  • It is obtained by asking the national visa center to process the previously approved immigrant visa
  • The National Visa Center asks to pay the processing costs and then asks us for documents that identify us and prove that we are eligible for residency.
  • Finally, the National Visa Center asks for a letter of financial guarantee where a citizen or resident certifies that the immigrant will not be a public charge.
  • After making the process with the National Visa Center, the immigrant will be given an appointment at the consulate of their country of origin and during that appointment they will be asked questions to confirm the information sent. If their case is approved, their long-awaited immigrant visa will be given days later. With that visa, the immigrant will be able to enter and live legally inside of the United States.
What are the requirements?
  • Have an approved immigrant visa
  • Have an immigrant visa available
  • Have a family relationship that originated the visa
  • Be eligible for residency
How can we help?
Our offices will prepare all necessary documentation and support you in each part of the process, from the first contact with the national visa center until obtaining your green card.

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