Parole in place

A procedure in which an immigrant who is the spouse or father of a member of our armed forces or a veteran of the armed forces can ask the government for a special permit to process their residence within the United States without having to leave the United States.

How is it obtained?

It is obtained by form 1-131. After the request has been presented, the government will orthogate an interview to assure you meet the requirements and if so, will be given a 1-94 which is a document that legally admits a person into the United States.

What are the requirements?
  • Being the husband, mother or father of a member of the armed forces or a veteran of the armed forces.
  • Having entered the United States only once in an undocumented manner. (There are special situations in which the person may have entered into the United States undocumented more than once but these situations must be analyzed with a lawyer).
  • Be eligible to obtain residency (This means many things, such as: Not having committed any crimes that make it inadmissible, not having said that he/she is an American citizen when he/she is not, no record of deportation, etc.).
How can we help?
We will evaluate your situation and prepare all the necessary documents so that you can obtain the benefit. In addition, one of our lawyers will be with you during the interview portion. After obtaining the benefit, our attorneys will guide you to perform the adjustment of status procedure so that you obtain your residency.

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